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If you love road trips, then the Mumbai- Ratnagiri road along the Konkan coast is a great destination. On the way, you encounter forts, temples, hill stations, the home-stays and small restaurants serving lip-smacking seafood. The most popular attraction along the Konkan coast, though, are the pristine beaches. The coastline is dotted with greenery and foliage that makes you feel connected to nature and calms your spirits.

Along the 500 or so kilometers of the Konkan coast, you can see the sea alongside the road in many places. You can take a dive into the water and spend a lazy afternoon feasting on the local seafood. Just listen to the sound of the crashing waves & feel the sand underneath your toes. Bliss, isn’t it?

Here are some of the exciting things you can do on the beaches in Konkan coast

Spoil yourself  at Diveagar

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The small beachside village of Diveagar is a popular destination for weekend getaways from Mumbai. There are many high-end resorts and guesthouses along the beach which offer luxurious stay experience. Divegar and Harihareshwar are two beautiful beaches in Konkan coast, that you would love to spend time in. Other local attractions in the area are the Lord Suvarnaganesha sanctuaryPhansad Wildlife Sanctuary and Murud Janjira fort in the sea. This fort was once an invincible structure, built in the 16th century, to protect the Konkan coast from invasion.

Live in a treehouse in Dapoli

Once you get on the Coastal Maharashtra route, you will find a lot of greenery. To truly experience nature at its best, you must spend a few days in a quaint resting place among the trees. Yes! That’s right. The treehouse and log cabins in Dapoli is perfect if you are looking for eco-friendly experience. It offers scenic views and rustic comfort and different kind of adventure on the Konkan coast.

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Experience Goa of the olden days in Tarkarli

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Blue-green seawater, palm-tree-lined lanes, and the serene beaches – doesn’t it make you think of Goa before it became the ultimate tourist destination? Thankfully you can still have the same experience in Tarkarli on the Konkan coast. The family-run beach-front properties and small restaurants give you a rustic yet comfortable option for seaside vacations. Spend time on the nearby Malvan beach, one of the beaches in Konkan coast with an uninterrupted coastline. Don’t forget to sample the spicy, mouth-watering Malvani cuisine, especially the seafood.

Visit the Ganesh Temple on the beach at Ganpatipule

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Home to a Swayambhu (self-originated) Ganesh temple, Ganpatipule is one of the most touristy beaches in Konkan coast. Thousands of devotees visit the town for darshan and many tourists come to check out the blue seas and clean beaches. You might want to explore the Malgund beach and Aare Ware, two untouched beaches in Konkan. These town give you a taste of rural Maharashtra, with friendly people and delicious food.

These are some experiences we recommend if you are headed down the Konkan coast.  You can ask your questions on Community forums and one of our scouts will help you. Make sure you read these tips for highway driving and packing tips before you head out on the road trips.SummaryArticle NameRoad Trip to the beaches of Konkan Coast!DescriptionThe Konkan coast are a road tripper’s delight. The greenery along the road, pristine beaches, the open seas and yummy seafood – what’s not to love.AuthorArjun DikshitPublisher NameScout My Trip

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