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Unexplored Sindhudurga Trip

Sindhudurg Fort is a historical fort that occupies an island in the Arabian Sea, just off the coast of Maharashtra in Western India. The fort was built by chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj . The fortress lies on the shore of Malvan town of Sindhudurg District in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

Peaceful Vengurla

Vengurla is an alluring beach town, located on the Konkan coast in the southern most district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Just 110 km north of Goa, Vengurla is popular for its long stretch of clear white sand beaches ringed by high mountains.

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Customers reviews

As a beach lover, Malvan holds a special place in my heart. The beaches here are very clean, beautiful. I visited Tarkarli , stayed at friends place.
Vyankatesh Rane
The best attractions of Malvan is Scuba diving and other water sports, Sindhudurg fort, Rock gardens. Scuba diving is worth every penny, unforgettable experience.
Marlin Varughese
Last year i visited Malvan,Kokan is Heaven on earth and Malvan convince you to believing in that.
Nitin Tandlekar

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